Non posso credere che è già Natale.

English Translation

I can’t believe it’s Christmas already.

I had somehow expected the subjunctive sia to go after credere.


Mi associo @morbrorper… “… che sia già Natale”. I also quite like “Non riesco a credere che sia già Natale”. Riuscire seems to be used a lot, I notice.

Buona giornata!


The subjunctive is surely correct, and recommended for written Italian.
For spoken informal Italian, this sentence does not sound wrong. In the end, “non riesco a credere” introduces doubt, but in practice, there is no doubt in the speaker’s mind that it is Christmas.

So I think people feel they can use the “indirect speech” construct in this case.

About “posso/riesco”: I think “posso” is OK in this case, but “riesco” would be my word of choice in this case.

“Riuscire” conveys a stronger meaning of “to be able to do” or “to manage to do” than “potere”.