Non pensi di essere troppo rigido?

English Translation

Don’t you think you are too harsh?

I am wondering about the use of free translations like this one which allows rigido to translated as harsh. It would be a mistake if one started using rigido any place you might have used harsh in English. Severo or duro would be used to translate harsh in many other contexts.

Hi Bill. I’m actually happy with rigido here which I find a touch more accurate than “hard” etc, rigido meaning unbending, severe, inflexible.

I would perfer “severo” here, but funnily you find as possible translations:

severo = rigid
rigido = severe

so I think the difference is really small and, if at all, can only be decided with context.

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Our nightschool professoressa always used it to indicate “strict”; again context is key as you say.

FWIW, DeepL prefers “Non pensi di essere troppo severo?” or alternatively “Non pensi di essere troppo duro?” for translations of the English sentence.

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