Non parlate di me in quel modo alle mie spalle.

English Translation

Don’t talk back to me like that.

I do not think spalle in Italian sentence corresponds to back in English translation. “Talk back” is to reply defiantly or insolently when the person is present (usually). As always, feel free to correct.

Ciao @barcarolle I take this to mean “Don’t talk about me behind my back”.

Happy to be corrected.


Yes, “do not talk about me this way behind my back” , that is how I read and translated it and would definitely use it unless someone says otherwise. “Talk back” is something completely different.


Indeed, all the other sentences using this expression, have added “male” too, and seem to signify “don’t say bad things about someone behind their backs”:
Non parlare male di lei alle sue spalle.
Non parlare mai male degli altri alle loro spalle.
Non bisogna parlare male degli altri alle loro spalle.
Non si deve parlare male degli altri alle loro spalle.

I think the three linked versions ("Non parlare/parlate/parli di me… ") of this sentence about not “talking back”, which as @barcarolle already has pointed out means something else indeed, were just misinterpreted and thus mis-translated/mis-linked unintentionally, because the other languages do seem to convey the intended meaning of “Don’t talk back to me like that”, e.g. in