Non osate rispondere così.

English Translation

Don’t you dare answer that.

I just wonder how the sentence “don’t you dare answer this way” would look like. With “così” or without?


I don’t think the English translation is correct. It should be “Don’t you dare answer like that.” It could also be translated as “Don’t you dare answer like this.”

If you want to say “Don’t you dare answer this way,” you could probably still use così. An alternative would be “Non osate rispondere in questo modo.”


The Italian sentence means “Don’t you dare answer like that” as @DurhamBull notes.

If the English sentence means “Don’t you dare answer that (phone call, question…)”, then you may use :Non osate rispondere a quello/quella". Although it feels a bit unnatural.

It would feel more natural to use
“Non osate rispondere a quella domanda”, for example, or perhaps, with a less faitrhful translation, you could simply omit quella:

“Non osate rispondere!”