Non è né in cucina né in soggiorno.

English Translation

She is neither in the kitchen nor in the living room.

In this sentence I am suddenly lost between the “cucina” and “soggiorno” . Why don’t we use the “la cucina” and “il soggiorno”? Is it because we have “in” ? (I am aware that “la cucina” is also “the cuisine” and “il soggiorno” is also “the stay”). Probably it is some rule about "ne’ ?

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I think when it’s a familiar place - such as your home - you don’t use the article with “in”. It’s just "in cucina, in soggiorno, etc. When the noun is modified to qualify it then the article is used with “in”.

Mangio in cucina ogni mattina. (my kitchen, my home…).
Ci sono due forni nella cucina di mia zia. (a specific kitchen)