Noch weiß es keiner.

English Translation

No one knows yet.

Doesn’t the speaker himself / herself know it? How can it be “no one (keiner)”?

I think there’s an implied parenthetical here:

Noch weiß es keiner (außer mir) = No one knows it yet (except for me).

Or, there might be an implied “but” at the end, if one person is speaking conspiratorially to another:

Noch weiß es keiner, aber… = No know knows this yet, but…

Dann verstehe ich es sehr gut!
Vielen Dank! ^^

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  • What happens inside a black hole?
  • Can quantum mechanics be united with general relativity?
  • What happens in the year 2050?

No one knows (yet).

Seems like a perfectly valid sentence to me. :thinking:

If nothing is known by no one, who can talk about it? No one.
That’s why I question this sentence and feel content with the “außer mir” implication.

According to antinomy (interpreted by Kant), nothing is fundamentally known to be true, but we “believe” that “we know” something is “true” through our perceptions and rationality. All our accumulated knowledge / logical creations including lingual structures would collapse due to such uncertainty of truthfulness. To rescue ourselves from that, we must believe that it is “true”, in other words, we have unquestionable faith in it.

Scientists already believe that they know something about singularity in a black hole as well as Boson in quantum physics. Based on what’s happening right now, we can also believe something will happen in the future.

Unknowingness is active refusal of believing.
And pure ignorance on the part of “all people” is impossible.

(Sorry for this inappropriate reply on this language learning platform. I did it on a whim and enjoyed it. :slight_smile: )

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