Nigdy nie wybieraj zawodu tylko dlatego, że godziny pracy są krótkie.(Sentence Note & Question)

zawód (-wodu) (mi noun) 1] trade, profession, occupation. 2] disillusionment, disappointment. 3] plural = zawody = games, competition

The English translation is given as ‘Never choose a vocation just because the hours are short’. ‘Vocation’ seems like a stronger word in English, we’d normally use it to describe something like a calling to the priesthood, or a compulsion to become a Doctor or teacher. Can ‘zawód’ mean the same in Polish, or would ‘powołanie’ be better? Thanks!

You’re right, “profession” would be more appropriate here.

“Zawód” is a rather general word, and it doesn’t imply something like “your true calling”. That would be “powołanie”, which is a very strong word (just like “vocation”, I think).

Thanks, I’ll report it next time around.

  • zawody (pl form) (Gen -ów) = a competition, match, meet