Nienawidzę patrzeć na to, jak marny jesteś. (Sentence Note)

NOte: marny (adj) weak, wretched, poor, miserable, crummy, paltry. (adv) marnie

Oh, this looks like a quite amusing mistranslation. The English sentence is “I hate to see you so miserable.”, which sounds like an expression of concern about that person’s well-being (is that right?)

The Polish sentence, on the other hand, sounds like an insult that could be translated as “I hate looking at what a wretched person you are”. Yikes!

I would suggest something like “Nie mogę patrzeć, jak się tak smucisz” (lit. “I can’t look at you being sad like this”) as the more appropriate translation.

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I have to admit, looking at the definitions of ‘marny’, I did wonder if the translation was appropriate because the English definitions of ‘marny’ do have mostly negative connotations. (You are correct that ‘I hate to see you so miserable’ would usually be an expression of concern about that person’s well-being).

Thank you very much for the extra information. I’ll report it next time around.

(Just out of interest, ‘marny’ sounds a lot like the (Northern) English word ‘mardy’, which is an adjective to describe a sulky/moody person, it makes me wonder if the words have some common ancestry)