Nie wydajesz się szczęśliwy z zobaczenia mnie

Can this English translation be a correct interpretation of the Polish original sentence? I would have translated it to something along the lines of ‘You do not seem happy to see me’. Thanks

The English sentence shown on Clozemaster is “You can do whatever you want to do, of course.” — is that right?

In that case, this is definitely not a valid translation of the Polish sentence. Seems like the original sentence and the translation are misalligned for some reason.

Funnily enough, the Polish sentence is not perfect either. Nie wydajesz się szczęśliwy z zobaczenia mnie sounds a lot like a calque from English.

A better way to phrase it would be something like Nie wydajesz się cieszyć, że mnie widzisz or Nie wydajesz się szczęśliwy, że mnie widzisz.

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Yes, that is the English translation given on Clozemaster. Thanks for the confirmation, I will report it the next time I review it.