Nie wtrącaj się, gdy dorośli rozmawiają.

Some help please … I looked up wtrącaj on a couple of online dictionaries but I couldn’t find any infinitive for it. Can someone please advise the infinitive, if one exists? Or is this just a set saying only?ącaj&l=enpl&in=&lf=en

The infinitive is “wtrącać się”: wtrącać - Translation from Polish into English | PONS

The verb can either mean “to interject” (during a conversation), or more broadly “to stick one’s nose into someone else’s business”.

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Many Thanks. Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t just swap the -j for an -ć to get the infinitive :slight_smile:

  • wtrącić (-cę -cisz) (pf), (impf) wtrącać = to interject. ~ się do+Genitive = to butt in, barge in, pry into, interfere with