Nie ma nic lepszego od twojej kuchni. (Sentence Note & Question)

  • Nie ma nic lepszego od … = phrase = there’s nothing better than …

Some help, please? The CM English translation is given as ‘Nothing is so tasty as the dish you make’. The literal translation would be, I think ‘There’s nothing better than (compared to) your kitchen’. Is the Polish sentence basically saying that ‘There’s nothing better than your own cooking’? or perhaps ‘Nothing beats home-cooking’? Or something else? Thanks!

Apart from “kitchen”, “kuchnia” also means “cuisine” (e.g. włoska kuchnia = Italian cuisine).

It can also be used to refer to someone’s own “personal cuisine”, though you would rather translate it into “X’s cooking” as you suggested. You would use, for example, “kuchnia mojej mamy” to refer to your mother’s cooking.

So you’re right, the Polish sentence means “There’s nothing better than your cooking”. It’s far from being a literal translation of the English sentence, but I guess the implied meaning is pretty close.

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Thanks for that, I must admit that hitherto I didn’t know that kuchnia also meant ‘cuisine’ and the original Polish sentence makes a lot more sense now, so cheers!