Nie lubię ich obu.

  • oba (male non pers and neuter) (nom, voc, acc) = both (num, plural only)
  • obaj (male personal) (nom, voc)
  • obu (all genders) (gen, dat, loc)
  • oboma (male personal, male n.p. and neuter)
  • obie (female, nom, acc, voc)
  • obiema (female instr)
  • oboje (coll num) ‑jga = both (Collective numbers are used before nouns denoting people of mixed sex, personal and animate neuter nouns (of which there are few), and non-masculine personal nouns which are plural only. They are used with nouns in the genitive.E.g. oboje studentów (both students, one male, one female)