Nie będzie problemu jeśli coś wypiję?

The literal translation is, I think, ‘Will there be a problem if I drink something?’. The CM translation is given as ‘Is it OK if I drink alcohol?’. Where does the implication come from that the drink involves alcohol, in the CM translation? Does the verb ‘wypić’ imply an alcoholic beverage? Or is alcohol simply implied, because permission is being asked for to have a drink? Thanks.

I think the sentence and the translation are alright, I can’t think of a much better way to say “Is it okay if I…” in Polish. A literal translation like “Czy będzie okej, jeśli…” doesn’t sound too natural.

Alcohol is often implied when the verb “(wy)pić” is used. So you need to look at the context—just like with “to drink” in English, I think.

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Thanks, for clearing this up. I’ve seen ‘wypić’ (and it various forms) on CM since and they weren’t in contexts involving alcohol, however, I understand what you mean to look at the context, when ‘wypić’ is used.