New Polish TV Series/Season on Netflix (Info)

Hi, fellow learners of Polish,

If you haven’t heard already, a brand new TV series in Polish is being dropped onto Netflix from tomorrow called ‘1983’:-

It looks to be quite an interesting ‘alternative history’ thriller (a bit like ‘The Man in the High Castle’).

I just thought I’d mention it, in case anyone else wanted to watch it, to help practice their Polish listening skills, as well as experiencing what may be an interesting thriller series.

Also, already available on Netflix is another Polish series called ‘Ultraviolet’, which is 2017 detective series:-

Happy watching!




Thanks for this! Looks like Netflix have even assigned a category for “Polish TV Shows”, though for me it’s showing just 1983 and Ultraviolet right now: Netflix

Showmax have also made the first episode of “Rojst” available for free: - YouTube. I haven’t managed to find time to watch it yet, so I can’t comment on how good it is, but it looks pretty interesting.

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Thanks KFB! I’ll take a look at Rojst on Youtube.

Amazon Video also have quite a few offerings in Polish language, some available for free with a Prime membership.

On Amazon, I’ve watched ‘Pitbull Nowe Porządki’ (2016) a police thriller (contains a LOT of swearing) and also ‘Bogowie’ (2014) which tells the very interesting story of the surgeon who carried out the first heart transplant in Poland, despite opposition from the conservative establishment of the time. It is good story full stop, even for someone not interested in learning Polish.

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