Never had an email

I’ve been on here 228 days and have NEVER had an email notification from the message boards. I’ve got all the settings (for email) set to “always” and yet haven’t had a single one.

Means i have to flick in and out of the boards area to see if i have an update to a question.

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Ah you mentioned this before, no? Sorry to hear it’s still an issue.

I personally don’t have emails enabled for notifications here, for me the profile notifications on a browser tab are sufficient. I do however receive emails regarding my weekly progress reports, and for issues reported.

You’ve likely already checked, but is there any chance they might have automatically been placed into a spam or junk folder by your provider?


@galning it should be fixed now - thanks for the bump and please let me know of course if you’re still not receiving any notifications.


LOL - no. Worked in IT 32 years…I triaged my own fault before reporting. Thanks for responding though. Mike (below) seems to think it’s fixed now - so will have to see what happens the next time someone responds. :smiley:

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Waiting with bated breath!!!

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I can confirm for me it works now.

I had turned on email notifications too to check, and had noticed I was also not receiving any notifications, until the notifications for this thread just now, so all seems to work well for me now at least (and I’ll disable them again for me).

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Wahoo! My first email… :smiley: Thanks peeps.