Nessuno conosce il suo nome.

English Translation

No one knows her name.

Could “sa” also be used here? Thanks in advance.

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Ciao @mnoelle I would use conosce here as generally I think of “sa” as “to know how to”, eg Sai nuotare?

Correct. There are some interesting contexts in which either sapere or conoscere could be used - and it depends on intent. Example:

Sai l’italiano?” = Do you know Italian? (do you know how to speak/read/communicate in Italian).

Conosco l’italiano?” = Are you familiar with the Italian language (general knowledge of it as a thing - might you know something of its language family, history, etc…).

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Thank you both! I actually found that Clozemaster has this sentence with both “conosce” and “sa.” It is helpful to hear your perspective on the difference in usage.

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