Neapolitan dialect

As I have already seen in the language list, there is Piemontese dialect. Searching Google for a quite of time, I noticed that there aren’t any websites that teach Neapolitan. I think adding this dialect would be of great benefit for this site, taking in consideration lack of resources on the web, growing interest and new trend of praising local dialects through the cinema (Gommorah etc.) and music (Fabrizio D’Andre, Marco Calone, Gianni Vezzosi etc.) Neapoletan dialect is older than official Italian language and surprisingly quite different. I don’t know whether there are some admins here that are quite fluent in this dialect, but I would recommend some resources like Aaron e Stefano (
I think they are very eager to help in expanding this marvelous dialect. Only translating existing base of Italian/English to Neapolitan/English, which certainly isn’t a lot of hard work for an experienced speaker of Neapolitan and English, which is the case with Aaron and Stefano (they’re great in both English and Neapolitan), would make this website even greater.

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I saw also some kind of course on the Memrise, but It’s so bad that isn’t worth mentioning at all.

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Clozemaster gets its sentences from Tatoeba. There’s a process for requesting a new language there. Ideally, the process would involve finding a native speaker who could add sentences.