Ne la jouez pas fine avec moi.

English Translation

Don’t get cute with me.

Why is there a COD pronoun? Is it some context we are missing since we only have this sentence? Looks like it is correc to say “Ne jouez pas fin avec moi”?

From what I gather, la jouez fine is a set phrase which originates from playing billards or boules. In both games sometimes you want to smash into the balls to break them up, at other times you need a more delicate, careful, or finer touch. In short, you need to be smart about what you’re doing. Hence, the sentence above could equally be translated as: Don’t get smart with me.


It simply is a set idiomatic expression.

Similar to se la jouer :

Il se la joue expert en vin.


How would you translate that phrase into English, @Anxos. Thanks.

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He’s acting like he is a wine expert.