Nasza szkoła jest dziesięć minut drogi stąd. (Sentence Note & Question)

… minut drogi stąd = phrase = … minutes away from here, … from here

Some help here, please. The English CM translation is ‘Our school is ten minutes’ walk from here’. Does the phrase ‘… minut drogi stąd’ suggest a journey on foot? Or could it equally refer to a vehicular journey? Thanks!

No, not really. It could just as well refer to a ten minutes’ drive. It’s weird that the English sentence is more specific than the Polish one – I guess that counts as an error.

If you wanted to say “ten minute’s walk”, you’d need to use “dziesięć minut drogi pieszo.” For “ten minutes’ drive”, you’d say “dziesięć minut drogi samochodem”.


Thanks, I’ll report it next time around.