Någon behöver säga åt Tom att inte göra det där igen.

English Translation

Tom needs to be told not to do that again.

“someone needs to tell Tom not to do that again”? Using “told” may give a similar meaning but it’s using the wrong tense (in the English) for what the Swedish is actually saying. Plus the subject of the Swedish is the “someone”. Eller hur?

I would say that the Swedish is functionally equivalent to the English; it’s just that one uses the active and one uses the passive voice. The exact translation, “Tom behöver bli tillsagd att inte göra det där igen”, is less direct and less likely to have the desired effect.

Re the tenses, I don’t quite follow you; “to be told” is present tense, passive voice.

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I’ll have another look but i struggled with the whole construct here. Had I been given that English sentence i would never have come up with the Swedish. I’ll go for a walk first and see if it wakes my brain up!! Thx. T

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