Nadal nie mogę dorwać Toma. (Sentence Note & Question)

  • dorwać się (dorwę dorwiesz) (pf), (impf) dorywać się do+G = to break or tear through to (power, etc)

Some advice please … has ‘dorwać’ been correctly used in the original Polish sentence? Thanks!

Yes, the translation seems correct. (The English sentence is “I still can’t get a hold of Tom.”)

“Dorwać” is often used in the sense of “catch someone” or “get ahold of someone”, especially if that person is elusive or difficult to contact.

It can be meant in a more “physical” sense (“Policjant dorwał groźnego przestępcę” – “The policeman caught the dangerous criminal”) or metaphoricaly as “get through to someone” (“Jeśli uda ci się dorwać Toma, powiedz mu że mam dla niego zadanie” – “If you manage to get ahold of Tom, tell him I’ve got a task for him”). In both cases, the use of this verb is rather informal.