Myślę, że mój niemiecki jest słabiutki.

Question please … can anyone help? Is ‘‘słabiutki’’ a valid word? I’ve checked a couple of dictionaries and can’t find it. (I’ve heard of słaby of course). Thanks!

Yes, it’s a valid word. “Słabiutki” is the diminutive of “słaby”, used to mean “very weak”.

Some other common adjectives with diminutive forms:

  • “malutki” (from “mały”, means “very small”)
  • “cieplutki” (from “ciepły”, basically means “pleasantly warm”)
  • “zimniutki” (from “zimny”, means “pleasantly cool / cold”)

As you can see from the examples above, it can have positive (like with “cieplutki”) or negative (like with “słabiutki”) connotations. You kind of have to guess from the context.