My thoughts after one year with Clozemaster German

I came here as a Duolingo refugee a year ago, after they closed all their sentence discussions and user forums. I quickly found Clozemaster to be a solid replacement for Duolingo for daily vocabulary practice, and overall I quite like Clozemaster, despite the occasional audio glitch or robot voice problem. I’ve made a little video review summarizing the pros and cons of Clozemaster as I see it: Let’s talk about Clozemaster!

The things that stand out to me as Clozemaster’s strongest points are:

  • Huge volume of available content
  • Content is well organized and categorized so you can optionally focus on specific areas (like prepositions)
  • User forums where language learners can interact with each other (and with native speakers!)

Some areas where Clozemaster is perhaps a little weak:

  • Robot voices will never be quite as good as actual humans. Probably unavoidable here due to the sheer volume of sentences. The Cloze Listening section is a good step in the right direction.
  • It’s mildly annoying how very similar (or perhaps sometimes identical?) sentences show up across sections, leading to a lot of unnecessary repetition.

I don’t have any specific suggestions for improving Clozemaster as I find it generally quite good. That being said, I will not be renewing my subscription when it runs out at the end of the month, as I want to try out other language learning apps, so I can contrast and compare. Many thanks to all the regulars on these forums who have helped answer my many questions over the last year, and I wish all of you the best of luck in your language learning efforts!


Thanks for all the feedback as well as the awesome video!

Sorry to hear you won’t be renewing of course, but that’s totally reasonable - might I ask what you have in mind to try next? Perhaps there’s something we can build :slight_smile:

We’re aiming to start updating the robot voices / text-to-speech within the next couple months - there have been significant improvements since a lot of the audio was last generated.

You also made some good points about the forum in the video - we’re giving some more consideration to how we might improve it, encourage more discussions, and get native speakers involved to help answer questions.

Anything else you think of please let us know of course. Thanks again!


I’m leaning towards Memrise, but I’m still looking around at the moment. One feature I’m seeing in some other apps is AI chatbot integration, so you can have practice conversations with an AI that understands your target language and can correct you when you make mistakes. This looks very promising, though it still feels a bit experimental at the moment.

Good luck with your site improvements, and I look forward to hearing the updated robot voices! :+1:


L&F: Great YouTube review. I agree with most of your POV and also appreciated the forums at the other place.

(Memrise has, btw, huge problems with accuracy, as some of the people who put up courses on Memrise think they know at lot more grammar than they really do!)


I loved your two videos about Clozemaster and Duolingo.
Now, they completely shut down the forum, so we can no longer see translations or listening to audios when not available at the question itself…
This is a pitty, since I would like to finish legendary level in all languages I have studied there but, unfortunately, it will no longer be possible, once that it will become less useful still to use the app.
Tell me something, bro. Do you know if its possible to make some alterations in Memrise’s SRS? Because I studied - and even made a Kanji course - on it, but the SRS is so poor that I seemed it useless. Thank you.

I think Memrise content can be changed only by the owner/initiator of the course. And no real incentives for them to improve or keep up the quality. Some of the courses are top notch, but others are atrocious!!

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