My basic equipment includes the first one.

Italian Translation

La prima cosa ce l’ho di base.

I would like to suggest an Italian alternative for this strange sentence (English from Italian) : La mia attrezzatura di base include la prima. As always, more than happy to be corrected.


@Floria7 your Italian sentence is more accurate than the original Italian translation.

“di base” is an expression that means “from the start”, or “as a minimum”. You start from a base, and you could have more, but the base is the minimum you can get.

A car with an “allestimento di base” is the car with the cheapest options you can get.

So a semi-literal translation of “La prima cosa ce l’ho di base.” could be “The first thing, I have it from the start”.


Grazie @mike-lima! Ah, now I see how “ce l’ho di base” works. “… allestimento di base” could certainly come in handy when I try to trade-in my Ford Ka.

A dopo, e buon fine settimana.

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