musi kulupu li kama pini.

English Translation

The festival came to an end.

Here’s the breakdown of each word:

  • “musi”: game, fun, or playful activity.
  • “kulupu”: community, group, company.
  • “li”: used between a subject and its verb or adjective. It indicates that what comes before “li” is the subject of the sentence, and what comes after “li” is the predicate.
  • “kama”: to come, to become, to happen, to cause.
  • “pini”: end, finish, close.

So, “musi kulupu” (group activity) is the subject and “kama pini” (come to an end) is the predicate.

In terms of grammar, Toki Pona usually follows the subject-verb-object (SVO) order. But in this case, there is no object. So, it’s subject-predicate.