Multiple missing words

Im studying Chinese and was trying to create a cloze-collection focused on Chinese sentence patterns, which requires missing words in different parts of the sentence, but this is impossible. Can this be something implemented?

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Thanks for posting! At the moment Clozemaster only supports one missing word per sentence. Supporting multiple missing words per sentence might be doable in the future, but it’s further down the to-do list at the moment.

With the cloze-collections you can have multiple words in the cloze deletion, but I’m not sure how helpful that’d be given what you described.

I’m also curious - how would multiple missing words be useful for practicing Chinese sentence patterns? Could you post an example?

Hey Mike,

Thanks for responding. You asked for an example of what I’m trying to do:

In Chinese, there are hundreds of sentence patterns used to express emphasis and meaning, one of the most common being the 是。。。的 pattern. 我昨天下午买到。 (I bought it yesterday afternoon). Sentence patterns are heavily used in spoken Chinese, and so I wanted to build a collection full of them so I can internalize their structure.

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Thanks! This is helpful to know. Perhaps I can get something added in the future. It’d be helpful for German as well where the verb can be split (ich habe … gegessen), and other languages too I’m sure.