More than one answer

It seems, in Italian learning from English, that there is often more than one grammatically correct answer, yet only one is accepted. Is this just my perception in that I am just learning, or am I correct. If I’m correct can Clozemaster be adjusted to accept more than one answer?


The main problem is that each question is part of a spectrum; input text, multiple choice, audio prompt and spoken responses. All of these are linked together to make a single sentence. You may not like using multiple choice or audio, but they are still accessible from the question, and therefore both must agree with the proposed answer.

For any question where the user switches to multiple choice or audio, the given answer HAS to be the answer that is in the audio and the multiple choice option. You personally may not use these options, but they still exist. The spoken response would also need to be updated to allow every possible valid answer to be accepted and that would be a piece of work in itself.

However the key problem would be the requirement for the cloze word to match the multiple choice set and the audio prompt as I mentioned above. Essentially it would involve rebuilding Clozemaster into an entirely different site.