Molti di loro hanno fatto molto poco lavoro.

again ,“molti” is translated as “some” not “many”. are those tatoeba contributors inputs checked by someone or they are allowed to switch words as they please? do they feel like innovators translating "the whole sentence " and accurate translation be damned? ahh, my time is wasted

Agreed that I would expect “Molti di loro” to translate as “Many of them” or “A lot of them” - as it is for the majority of the sentences where it occurs.

In fact, this sentence in question is the only instance I find where it is translated as “some” instead (here are all search results for the exact phrase). In fact, in the two languages that I can decipher, it does seem to have been correctly translated as “some” (e.g. “certains” (FR), “algunos” (ES)).

However, as you can see on the sentence page of the Italian translation, it was translated and linked by just one person (Italian native speaker) and has never been reviewed by anyone:

When you search the Tatoeba catalogue, you can specify whether you want sentences that have been signed off by a native speaker for example, but naturally this will vastly reduce the amount of sentences available.