Mogę zdobyć dla ciebie ten pistolet w przeciągu pięciu godzin.(Sentence Note)

  • w przeciągu = phrase = within (the course of time)

“W przeciągu” is generally considered colloquial, or even incorrect Polish. The preferred expression is always “w ciągu”. (see w ciągu czy w przeciągu? - Poradnia językowa PWN)

When used as a noun, “przeciąg” means a draught (a current of air). This is party also why people might make fun of you when you say “w przeciągu” to mean “w ciągu”.


Thanks for the clarification. I did wonder about that because when I Googled ‘w przeciągu’, one of the suggested searches was ‘w przeciągu czy w ciągu’. There seems to be some queries, even among native Polish people, whether it is OK to use ‘w przeciągu’, or not (although, of course, I completely accept your comments that it is better not to use it).

‘W przeciągu’ appears in 5 sentences on CM. I’ll report these as I go along. Thanks!