Missing Edited Hints

Did I do something? The hints that I’ve added to questions aren’t showing up until after I’ve answered. I checked the button in the settings and it looked fine but they’re still not showing up.

After reading your post, I checked the Game Settings popup, and there seems to be a new (?) option: Hints. Do you have that set to “On”?


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Mille grazie. You are so helpful. :wave:Later: Ah, don’t have Hints yet but will look out for it. Even later: Found it, we have to be in Text mode, not Multiple choice - but still not appearing. Grazie di nuovo anyway, will check again later.

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Yeah I noticed this new option also, it’s definitely on, but now I can’t figure out how to make the hint that I wrote appear before I try answer the question.

Just realized I was wrong I was referring to the Notes field. Which I think used to be called hints but now I’m not sure but I do know they showed up before I answered the question. Anybody know how to make the notes show up before answering the questions?

Sorry, that is probably my fault :wink: Well, I have been asking for the Notes not to show
until after answering, and now my wish seems to have been come through :slight_smile:

Lol, well at least now I know who to blame. I figured it out though so now I’m just gradually moving my notes to the end of the translated sentence. I usually only use this when the translation is really crazy and I have mental block for the word, so it’s not a huge deal, but if they had made it a toggle on or off that would have been ideal. :nerd_face:

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