Mijn vaders verjaardag valt dit jaar op een zondag.

English Translation

My father’s birthday falls on Sunday this year.

Is this grammatically correct? Seems like they are attempting the pluralization of English and not verjaardag van mijn vader?

If you are asking about the use of “vaders” in the Dutch sentence - without any context this could correspond to both “belonging to [my] father” and indeed also to the plural “fathers”. The Dutch don’t use an apostrophe for adding on the possessive “s”.

Mijn vaders zijn beiden erg leuk. = Both of my fathers are very nice.

Mijn vaders lach is vrolijk. = My father’s laugh is jolly.

Vadersdag = Father’s Day

Hope this helps. If I misunderstood your question, could you please clarify?

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Ah thank you for clarifying. I was under the impression that wasn’t even used by the Dutch.

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