Mich trifft keine Schuld.

English Translation

I’m not to blame.

Why not say “Es ist nicht meine Schuld.” and avoid using that nebulous meaning verb "treffen?

You can say “es ist nicht meine Schuld” instead.
However “mich trifft keine Schuld” is in no way nebulous to the native speaker.

It makes no sense to ask an English speaker:
Why don’t you say “let’s stop it for today” to avoid the nebulous “let’s call it a day”?

Languages are full of these little specialties. They make them difficult but also colorful and interesting.


If you need a mental picture / mnemonic: “Schuld” is literally “guilt”, so imagine people are looking for the culprit and shoot little guilt (or blame) arrows at everyone, and if you get hit you are guilty.
I find this german sentence a quite good translation of the english “I’m not to blame”, because “Es ist nicht meine Schuld” would correspond a bit better to “It’s not my fault”.

So I would say there’s a slight difference in nuance here:
It’s not my fault / Es ist nicht meine Schuld: Hey, I didn’t do anything wrong!
I’m not to blame / Mich trifft keine Schuld: Go look for someone else to blame!