mi toki pi lili taso.

English Translation

We just talked for a little bit.

In the phrase “mi toki pi lili taso”, each word has a specific meaning:

  • “mi” means “I” or “me”
  • “toki” means “talk” or “language”, it can also mean “speak” or “communicate”
  • “pi” in Toki Pona, is usually used to group words together into a single, compound-concept, used to indicate that the following word or phrase is a separate part of the sentence that modifies the previous word instead of the word that comes after it
  • “lili” means “small” or “few”
  • “taso” means “only”

In this context, “mi toki pi lili taso” roughly translates as “I talk only a little”. In English, it means that the speaker is acknowledging that their ability to communicate (or speak a specific language) is modest.