Mi sono seduto e fissato lo.

English Translation

I sat and stared at it.

When there are two verbs in a sentence, can one auxiliary function for both? If the two verbs take different auxiliaries, can one still be employed for both? I ask because sedersi is reflexive and takes essere, where fissare is not and takes avere. Fissarsi doesn’t seem to apply since it doesn’t mean to stare, but to obsess. I want this sentence to be “Mi sono seduto e l’ho fissato.” Is one of my presumptions wrong here or is this sentence ungrammatical?


It does indeed look ungrammatical. I wonder where you found it, because I can’t find it in any collection. I can find the English sentence on Tatoeba, but according to the logs it has never had an Italian translation. A mystery!


It’s in level 6 of the new Fluency Fast Track.

Well that’s a surprise! Just like me, it looks like the global search hasn’t been made aware of this novelty.

Hmm, interesting. Seems very awkward. Must ask our friendly madrelingua;-)

“Mi sono seduto/a e l’ho fissato” is confirmed as correct, and “Mi sono seduto e fissato lo” absolutely wrong😕.