Mi sentivo schiacciare.

English Translation

I was feeling like being crushed.

Can we use this sentence as a model for the verbs like : to cut, to bite, to sting, to burn etc. Me sentivo tagliare. Mi sentivo mordere. Mi sentivo pungere and mi sentivo bruciare. Or it works only for “schiacciare” ?


I find the translation here a bit odd with “like being”:wink: I read this simply as “I felt crushed”.

I’ll leave the mi sentivo reflexive explanation to Mike-lima and others more like knowledgeable than I;-)


I have basically zero knowledge of Italian (but I do LOVE the way it sounds…such a beautiful language)

I entered “Mi sentivo schiacciare.” in Google Translate and it says, “I felt crushed.” (same as yours)


I’m not sure the infinitive is the correct form of schiacciare in this sentence. The literal translation is “I felt to crush.” Two alternatives are “Mi sentivo come schiacciato.” or “Mi sentivo come se fossi stato schiacciato.”


Your latter one is the best imho;-) @DurhamBull


I am missing the passive here.
“Mi sentivo schiacciato.” … “Mi sentivo amato” … “Mi sentivo umiliato” sound better to me, but - as always - just a gut feeling.


First of all, the Italian sentence does not feel like a good translation of the English one, and I don’t think it would be used in normal circumstances.

I would use something like:

“Avevo la sensazione (o l’impressione) di essere schiacciato”.

The alternatives proposed by @DurhamBull are also good.

Using the infinitive “schiacciare” gives the impression of someone being pushed, crushed continuously and repeatedly. while “mi sentivo schiacciato”, expresses more the state of being crushed.

The other expressions of @barcarolle feel more natural, and I think they would be more likely to be used than “mi sentivo schiacciare”, because I can imagine something actively cutting/biting/burning me.