Mi sa che era ora che sono andato a casa.

English Original Sentence

I reckon it’s about time I went home.

Does this sound natural? To me it sounds like the translator has been too faithful to the English.


The Italian is not grammatically sound and it does not match the English.

To match the English translation, you could use either:

“Mi sa che è ora che vada a casa.”, or, a bit shorter, but it leaves some ambiguity about who has to go home, “Mi sa che è ora di andare a casa” (matches “I think it’s time I go home”).

You cannot match the Italian perfectly because the tense sequence is wrong, but, supposing the author meant “Mi sa che era ora che andassi a casa”, then the translation would be “I think it was time i went home”.


Ciao @mike-lima Could we say “Penso che fosse ora di tornare a casa”? Or “Ho pensato che fosse ora…”?

I think they made “heavy weather” of this phrase :wink:

A dopo…

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