mi pu gleki

English Translation

I was feeling happy.

“Mi pu gleki” is a statement in the constructed language Lojban. The language was created to study the interaction between language and thought and is designed to be completely unambiguous. Lojban is based on predicate logic, which forms the basis for this type of statement.

Let’s break down “mi pu gleki” word by word.

“Mi” is the first-person singular pronoun, equivalent to “I” in English.

“Pu” is a position tense indicating an event in the past. It doesn’t specify how far in the past.

“Gleki” is a verb that can be roughly translated to English as “is happy.” It does not require a direct object.

So, putting it together, “mi pu gleki” can be translated as “I was happy.” But remember that as originally stated, it doesn’t explicitly clarify how far back in the past this happiness occurred.