mi na pu djuno ti

English Translation

I did not know this.

“Mi na pu djuno ti” is a sentence in the constructed language Lojban. It can be translated directly to English as “I didn’t know this”.

Breaking it down grammatically:

  1. “mi” stands for “I” (the speaker).

  2. “na” represents negation.

  3. “pu” is a tense marker indicating past tense.

  4. “djuno” comes from the gismu (root word) “djuno” which means “know”.

  5. “ti” is a sumti placeholder (an argument of a predicate), which can stand for “this” or “these”. It refers to an object physically nearby that both participant in the conversation understand.

So, combined, you get “mi na pu djuno ti” meaning “I didn’t know this”.