Mi ha fatto sorgere il dubbio di essere nei guai.

English Translation

She misgives me I’m in great trouble.

The English translation using ‘misgives’ seems to come from an earlier time. I have never heard/seen this use in contemporary American English. DeepL suggests the easier to understand: “It made me wonder if I was in trouble.” Of course you might have your own misgivings :slight_smile:

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Good grief. Never heard of it. I go with you Bill, “It made me wonder…etc”.

I’ve definitely heard of it, but then again, my use of English swings between traditional, verging on the archaic, to American slang picked up during my youth in Los Angeles. Bit of a jumble, as you can image!

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Well, I found this passage from Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886):

And the lawyer set out homeward with a very heavy heart. “Poor Harry Jekyll,” he thought, "my mind misgives me he is in deep waters! He was wild when he was young; a long while ago to be sure; but in the law of God, there is no statute of limitations.

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