Mi ha colpita due volte.

Even for a female speaker, I think colpito could be used here. My grammar tells me that “the participle is usually not declined when the accusative object is mi, ti, ci, or vi” (translated from Swedish).


Indeed, I’d also only expect “colpita” to crop up in sentences like “Mi sono colpita due volte”, or in cases like “L’ha colpita”.

I wonder if it’s a regional preference? Our dear friend has added at least 15 sentences on Tatoeba containing “mi” and “colpita”.

However, after some digging I also found the following regarding this:

Con le particelle “mi”, “ti”, “ci”, “vi” in funzione di complemento oggetto l’obbligo di concordanza è facoltativo. E’ ugualmente corretto dire, parlando di una ragazza, “ti ho visto” come “ti ho vista”.

So it seems it’s not obligatory to change the endings in these cases to match the referenced object, but it isn’t incorrect to do so either, and thus perhaps indeed a matter of personal choice/ regional preference?

I’m still learning something new every day with these interesting grammar discussions!