Mi dispiace, non lo compro.

English Translation

I’m sorry, I don’t buy it.

The English expression “I don’t buy it” is generally not about purchasing something: it means something like “I don’t accept that explanation”. Is this what the Italian means as well?

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Ehila! Interesting Q. I’m asking our club madrelingua.

Edit: Evidently there is no metaphorical phrase for “I don’t buy it” in italian. “Non lo acquisto” would be the more accurate way of literally saying “I don’t buy it”. Interesting no?

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“Questa non me la bevo”. I’m told this is the Italian equivalent. Sounds good to me;-)


Thanks, Floria. Good tip: lots of examples of it on Reverso. (But it’s taking me a long time to get used to false reflexives in Italian! - I assume that is what the “me” is here? To my simple mind, bevo in this phrase seems to have three objects!)

Another phrase to just learn by heart although as bevo can also mean *swallow, I try to remember it as “Me, I don’t swallow that/it” tho not a perfect translation. Agree, the reflexives are always tricky.

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Nice one, Floria. Thanks! That’s the way I’ll try to remember it too.