Mi ci sono abituato adesso.

English Translation

I’m used to it by now.

Judging from other, similar sentences, I gather it’s safe to leave out the “mi ci” bit. And I’m not even sure how to transpose this to other persons or the plural.


Mi ci sono abituato/a
Ti ci sei abituato/a
lui/lei ci è abituato/a
noi ci siamo abituati/e.
vi ci siete abituati/e
ci sono abituati/e.


the “IT” in the english translation says you already know what “he” got used to. So it would be incomplete without “ci”

I suppose you can’t say “ci ci”. :thinking:

This is not the reflexive :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree; that’s the more important part. But maybe not essential.


oops, my bad.

ci si è abituata
ci si sono abituate.

I am pretty sure if you don’t use ci / ne when you can it’s grammar error.
You can remove “mi” but ci not.

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Yes, it seems that use of the reflexive version is optional, but I would have thought that the ci is still required.

I still forget to use ne and ci with distressing regularity.


I seem to remember that two ci’s become ci si. It must also be elegant as well as, correct :wink: I so love Italian! Me too, ce ne - really must use them more. Sometimes the rhythm of the sentence needs them too.