Mi avete fatta cadere in tentazione!

English Translation

You lead me into temptation!

Does “fatta” here correspond to a female speaker? Still, “fatto” could probably also be used in that case?


I don’t think “fatto” could be used if the speaker is female, as the past participle has to match the direct object (at least for 1st and 3rd person) in number and gender.

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I also thought the past participle had to match the 1st person direct object pronoun but my grammar textbook disagrees. Here’s the excerpt from Soluzioni - A Practical Grammar of Contemporary Italian, Fourth Edition, “Agreement of past participles is always made with lo, la, li, le, used alone or combined with other pronouns, e.g. indirect object pronouns. With other direct object pronouns – mi, ti, ci, vi – agreement is optional and fairly unusual. There is no participle agreement with direct object nouns as opposed to pronouns.”

I confirmed this explanation with a second grammar book, which added the following: “The past participle generally agrees in number and gender with the noun to which the partitive object clitic ne refers…”


Thanks for your research, @DurhamBull! I had totally forgotten about this since I posted something similar a long time ago.

Some sentences should perhaps come with a note of warning. :thinking:


It is not wrong to use the feminine gender for a female speaker, but it is a bit unusual, at least in current Italian.