Mein Vater wohnt in einem besetzen Haus.

I am not familiar with the use of the word “squat” as a noun in English, so the English sentence here “…lives in a squat.” makes no sense to me.

Is this related to the term “squatting” or “squatter”, i.e. to live (illegally and off the record) in an abandoned house? I’m a little confused because the term “besetzen” usually means “occupied”, and a squatter is generally someone who lives in a building that is not otherwise occupied, but perhaps the logic is different if it is interpreted to mean that the squatter themselves is “occupying” the house?

At any rate I had trouble figuring out what this means, I think it means “My father is a squatter.” but I’m not 100% sure and I would like confirmation from a native speaker!!! Thanks!

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In this context, ‘besetztes Haus’ refers to house that is not occupied by regular but by a group of irregular inhabitants that does not have the legal right to live there. Examples could include anarchists, social activists etc.

English Translation

My father lives in a squat.

Should this be besetzten Haus (i.e. with a second letter “t” in besetzten), as I note was written in the comment by @dlobok ?

Yes, you are right.
It is a mistake and I guess dlobok corrected it without noticing.

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