Man sollte nicht auf dem Bürgersteig Fahrrad fahren.

English Translation

One shouldn’t ride a bicycle on the pavement.

Buergersteig should be “sidewalk” instead of “pavement”, at least in American English

Hello @esouthard !

Yes, you’re right, this is indeed British English.

For this particular example, there is an indirect translation on Tatoeba that gives an American English version “You shouldn’t ride a bicycle on the sidewalk.”.

The British part of me wants to refer to the Bürgersteig as the “pavement”, and the Australian part of me wants to call it the “footpath” or just “path” (I actually call it the “path” because I do a lot of cycling, and in most of Australia almost all paths/pavements/sidewalks can be used legally by both pedestrians and cyclists, yippee :grin:).

For the equivalent of the American English word “pavement” to mean a hard surface for a road or path, I would use one of the words “tarmac”, “bitumen” or “asphalt”.

What was it that George Bernard Shaw once said about two (or three) peoples/nations divided by a common language :joy: