Man sieht, dass das Haus stabil gebaut wurde.

This is currently translated “You can see the house was built stiff.”, but I find this unnatural in English. I added an English translation on Tatoeba that I think is better: “You can see that the house was solidly built.”

In English, you use the word “stiff” mainly to refer to soft things like fabric or muscle, not to a house. I think this means “sturdy”. But furthermore, in English you don’t usually say “The house was built (adjective)” but rather you say “The house was built (adverb)” so for example you would say it is “built cheaply” or “built well”, not “built cheap” or “built good”.

Is there any process for getting this updated? I reported it using the flag option but I’ve seen this come up several times over a period of a week or more and I’d like to press for it and other sentences like this to be updated more quickly!

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I’m German, and to me the English Translation sounds really very unnatural.
Your sentence “You can see that the house was solidly built.” is much better.
@mike Can you help us with those Updates?

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