"Lui oscura la camera" (He darkens the room)

Initially I would pronounce “oscura” as “oskùra” but baritone Giorgio gives me un dubbio with “oschurà” with a ch as in “chips”.

Would you go with a “k” as in kiss or “ch” as in chips🤔?

It should definitely be “k” imo, wouldn’t know where Giorgio would get “ch” from…

Also as per wiktionary

IPA: /osku’rare/

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I think he’s saying something else; it sounds like “orcedura”. Not that I can find anything like that in my dictionary, though.


Ah, that would definitely have a “ch” like “chips” pronunciation indeed.

Perhaps “procedura”? Though still would have no idea where it would’ve come from… I really do wonder about some of these instances where they just randomly say something else. I still remember that “gong” that we won’t be seeing around here anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just realised that I can search for the sentence and listen to it too. Wow, it definitely sounds like “orcedura”, you got it spot on! Whatever it may be…

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Issue reported. Let’s see what comes out of that.


Ciao @sindaco e @morbrorper - ah, I wonder if he’s saying “oscedura” in which caso our Giorgio could be saying more “osch” than “osc” if you get my meaning.

He’s still a favourite baritone, perhaps too much Barolo, così tutto va bene;-)


I have no luck googling these words. Obscure indeed!


Neither I, the only thing I could find is that apparently “torcedura” is a Spanish word used for stuff like “twisting” or “spraining” your ankle, but that is pronounced completely differently too…


I tried playing the sentence into the speech recognition feature of Google Translate and Microsoft Translator, both at full speed and at half speed. They often get a word that I have difficulty hearing, but in this case, they didn’t return anything sensible. I think that whatever is being said is probably just gibberish.

P.S. The way I did this was to create a one sentence collection so that I could play the sentence at different speeds after completing the cloze. Unfortunately, when I had finished, I deleted the wrong collection :sob::rofl:. Fortunately, now that I can search for 75% sentences (as of a few days ago) I can recreate the collection with a little bit of effort :grin:


Thanks for looking for the light😉! It will no doubt come clear in time. A dopo…

Edit: One madrelingua suggestion is that Giorgio has slipped into a Neapolitan dialect here. Could be.

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