Lui ci ha presentati, non ricordi?

Spanish Translation

Él nos presentó, ¿no te acuerdas?

Shouldn’t it be “presentato”?


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No, there is a special rule about it:

If the aux verb is “avere” and there is a personal pronoun as the object, then the verb changes accordingly to the object pronoun. So, if “ci” is male or a mixed group, it is presentati, if “ci” is all female it would be “presentate”. You cannot know without context.

Personally, I find this rule difficult to internalize, but Italians have no problems.
In summer, a train conductor coming for the second time said to us, obviously a little in doubt:
"L’ho gia visti? Did I already see them? (i biglietti)
I remember because at first it sounded wrong to me, but of course, he was right.