Loro andrebbero messe in prigione.

English Translation

They should be put in jail.

I would have expected dovrebbero essere here.

I have read that andare can be used as an auxiliary verb in the passive verb form and that it gives an indication that this is how things should be done. An example in my grammar book is;

Eventuali riparazioni vanno effettuate solo dai nostri tecnici qualificati.
Any repairs should be carried out only by our qualified technicians.

However, I don’t think that I have seen it used in the conditional, as here. Is this a common construction?


There are several madrelingua on our Italian forum* so I asked this question there. It transpires that it is indeed a common construction to use the conditional of andare in this way, so I have learned something new!

*you are welcome to join us, the forum is at https://italianduo.boards.net/ and @Floria7 is the administrator.


Ciao @David755502 hai ragione, why not come and join us to learn and enjoy using your Italian. As travel isn’t so easy for many of us, we can at least experience Italy on a daily basis in good company.

Tanti auguri :it:

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