Lo minra blaci cu minra lo gusni

English Translation

A mirror reflects light.

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“Lo minra blaci cu minra lo gusni” is a sentence in Lojban, a constructed language. This sentence means “The mirror-like glass reflects light.”

Let’s break down the sentence piece by piece:

“Lo” is a descriptor that typically translates as “the” in English. It is used here before both “minra blaci” and “gusni”.

“Minra” means “reflect”. Minra is a verb in the context of this sentence.

“Blaci” translates to “glass”.

“Cu” is used in Lojban to separate the subject of the sentence from the predicate. It serves the same purpose as the word “is” in English.

“Minra” is used again here, this time as part of the predicate of the sentence.

“Lo gusni” means ‘the light’. “Gusni” means “light”.

So, as a whole, the sentence “lo minra blaci cu minra lo gusni” translates to “The mirror-like glass reflects the light.” The grammar structure of the sentence basically is: “The ___ is ___ the ___.”